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Who is Andreas? – Introduction

Join Andreas on a journey to an agile future. As a certified Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Product Owner, and expert in Innovation Management and Design Thinking, Andreas brings a wealth of skills and experiences necessary to guide teams and individuals through change.

From Businessman to Agility Expert – Career Path

Andreas began his professional journey in the business sector before shifting his focus to agile coaching. His wide-ranging experience in diverse industries, such as commerce, web development, software sales, and education, gives him a multifaceted and comprehensive view of the challenges teams and companies face today.

Why Agility? – Philosophy

Over the years, Andreas recognized that the business world was losing massive potential by treating people as resources rather than recognizing their individuality. This realization led him to agility – an approach that puts people at the heart of work, valuing and utilizing their diversity and individuality.

What do others say about Andreas? – Testimonials

Those who have worked with Andreas praise his professionalism, patience, and goal-oriented approach. They appreciate that working with him is enjoyable, he makes complex topics understandable, and he always operates with a value-based orientation.

Andreas‘ Services – Services

As an Agile Coach, Andreas offers a range of services, including training in Agility, Scrum, Agile Product Development, Innovation Management, and Design Thinking. He coaches individuals, teams, and supports companies in their agile transformation.

My Philosophy

Harnessing Your Potential

Embark on an adventure with Andreas to unlock the hidden potential within your team. His unique approach, built on a foundation of agility and innovation, fosters a dynamic environment where everyone can thrive. He champions diversity and individuality, driving teams towards realizing their inherent strengths. Through agile coaching, tailored trainings, and dedicated support, Andreas guides you to shape your organization’s future, turning challenges into stepping stones of success.

"Andreas was very professional, understandable and practical. It was interesting, challenging and fun to become agile with him."

Mariana T.

"Great and motivating trainer with a lot of humour and competence. It was really fun."

Metin M.

"Keep up the good work. It was really fun. Especially the interpersonal communication and interaction was extremely relaxed."

Husni L.


Agile Coach

As a certified Agile Coach from the renowned Spiegel Akademie, I possess deep knowledge and practical skills in Agile principles and methodologies. This certification equips me with the ability to guide teams and organizations through their Agile transformation journey effectively, fostering collaboration, enhancing performance, and promoting continuous improvement and innovation.

Scrum Master

Having achieved the Professional Scrum Master I & II certifications from Scrum.org, the home of Scrum, I am well-versed in the principles and practices that underpin the Scrum framework. These certifications validate my ability to facilitate Scrum teams, promote Scrum values and principles, and drive performance and productivity, thereby aiding in the successful delivery of projects while fostering a culture of transparency, inspection, and adaptation.

Product Owner

Earning the Professional Product Owner I & II certifications from Scrum.org demonstrates my thorough understanding of the role of a Product Owner in a Scrum environment. This accomplishment signifies my proficiency in maximizing product value by prioritizing and managing product backlogs, cultivating a shared vision, and working closely with the developmers and stakeholders. This knowledge allows me to guide the delivery of high-value products that meet customers‘ needs and business goals.

Certified Expert in Design Thinking & Innovation

This certification reflects my advanced skills in employing the principles of design thinking and innovation in business contexts. Design Thinking combines creative and critical approaches to problem-solving and offers powerful tools for product development and process improvement. Innovation certification solidifies my capacity to foster a culture of creativity and innovation, making me adept at generating unique, customer-centered solutions that drive competitive advantage and business growth. My expertise enhances the agility of teams, catalyzing the ideation process and translating concepts into actionable plans.

And …

This diverse range of certifications underlines my holistic approach to business and agile project management. As a certified Betriebswirt (business administrator), I possess a comprehensive understanding of business processes and management, enabling me to perceive the broader organizational context in which Agile methodologies operate. The Professional Scrum Developer (PSD 1) demonstrates my skills in applying Scrum principles in software development environments. Scaled Professional Scrum (SPS) certification attests to my expertise in scaling Scrum across large organizations or teams. The Professional Agile Leadership (PAL 1) and Professional Scrum with User Experience (PSU 1) certifications illustrate my ability to lead Agile teams effectively and integrate User Experience (UX) principles into Scrum, resulting in a human-centered design approach in product development.

Agile Coaching

Every quest brings questions, and that is a sign of strength and curiosity. Whether it’s about choosing a path, next steps or simply being curious about the unknown, don’t hesitate to reach out. Your questions are the beginning of our journey to agility together.

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